This isn't the kind of work which gets posted up here at all. So sitting here drinking in the dark on Friday night, I decided to post it up! The last couple years I've been developing my business in stealth mode. Working on branding and t-shirt designs, mostly. Hit up a couple local motorcycle shows to meet folks in person and what not. Been a fun ride!

Hope you enjoy the work and get a little something out of it. It's all available on shirts/etc via Keep on truckin!

Josh godin sp logo

Logo and colorway.

Josh godin bobbed bratty

Talking about the hardtail not the lady, of course *big theatrical wink*

Josh godin meatball

The brand mascot, pretty much. Doofy, shirtless, meatball.

Josh godin brap the dex

Loud pipes may save lives, but a good brap can wake the dead!

Josh godin stay weird

Sneak peak new design!

Josh godin dirtygirl

Sneak peak new design!