Aaayyy. Been a minute, Artstation. Still tons of anime elf girls on the front page? Great!

This isn't the kind of work which gets posted up here at all. So sitting here drinking in the dark on Friday night, I decided to post it up! The last couple years I've been developing my business in stealth mode. Working on branding and t-shirt designs, mostly. I love the shit out of motorcycles and custom culture and 80s skateboard art and badass lady bikers and, of course, DEMONS and METAL. I decided to bash it all together and push it out into the world as my brand. Tied it to my domain of the last 20 years ( and SOUR PLANET was born. It's always typed in ALL CAPS because I live my life in ALL CAPS.

No, I'm not entirely sure WHAT THAT MEANS.

Hope you enjoy the work and get a little something out of it. It's all available on shirts/etc via Keep on truckin!

Josh godin sp logo

Logo and colorway.

Josh godin bobbed bratty

Talking about the hardtail not the lady, of course *big theatrical wink*

Josh godin meatball

The brand mascot, pretty much. Doofy, shirtless, meatball.

Josh godin brap the dex

Loud pipes may save lives, but a good brap can wake the dead!

Josh godin stay weird

Sneak peak new design!

Josh godin dirtygirl

Sneak peak new design!