Greta Thunberg NYC climate rally poster

Painted this portrait of Greta for the Climate Rally here in NYC. Big thanks to ArtStation for acknowledging our FB group with a magazine feature! Free commons licensed version can be downloaded hi-res here:

Here's description:

I’ve been struggling with how to use my work lately. I decided to look towards other inspirations for my personal work and just see where it goes. I started with this illustration of @gretathunberg arriving in NYC because it’s such a monumental moment for this movement. She faces constant nonsense detractors who imagine scenarios where she’s somehow hypocritical or unethical or even “used” by the media... all in an attempt to ease their own anxiety and stoke their ignorance. So here she is- proving undeniably that she is every bit as powerful as the words she wields- stomping her foot on US soil after crossing the ocean on a carbon neutral sailboat. I’ll be joining her again on this trek next week, family in tow !