Inktober batch 01

First round of #inktober sketches! Find me on Instagram right here:

Tools are:

Kuretake Fudegokochi
Kuretake Bimoji (new fav!)
Copic brush pen
Copic T2/T3/T4 markers
Pentel Aquash (light black)
Pentel Aquash (custom mixes)
Pentel Fude
Bic hotel special
Moleskin paper
SUPER cheap Canson Marker XL 18lb

A note on that Canson paper. ITS THE BEST. The ink will fade and the paper is dirt cheap and huge and flimsy. It's also smooth as glass. Best of all, because it's so cheap and not permanent all your mental blocks over "wasting" classy Moleskin/etc stock are obliterated. You can grab this paper and go straight ink. Tear off pages as you fail and just dig into it and love the mess. It's a totally "in the moment" process and just immensely satisfying.